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"I'm buying aircraft, wrap it up please". These words of Ostap Bender will not make laughing modern successful businessman. Modern world despite quick development of telecommunications and dictates necessity of personal control and presence of a businessman in different cities, countries within short period of time which is not possible if using regular airlines. Tickets reservation and purchase bustles, waiting, connections, delays in airports - all of these threaten business accuracy, image and reputation, and even possibly personal security. You can easily avoid all above said if you own aircraft will be waiting for you in nearest airport ready to depart to any destination. To locate, purchase and what is the most important - register and correctly operate aircraft a lot of efforts and time will be required.

Usually people make decision to buy own aircraft or participate in fractional ownership when following preconditions exist:
The corporation's business is located in several cities, regions or countries.
The corporation's top management's salaries are above $1000/hour rate.
Highly skilled/qualified personnel (adjusters of high-tech equipment, production lines e.t.c.) service several objects in different cities between which there are no direct air communications.
A corporation charters business jets for its management for more than 150 hours or $300,000 per year.
The following should be decided when purchasing an aircraft:
aircraft type
to determine form of ownership and financing (purchase, lease, fractional ownership, block-charter)
to locate particular aircraft and register ownership
to pass tax and customs clearance and register the aircraft
to find a company which would operate the aircraft or set up own aircraft operator
to determine the aircraft utilization strategy (corporate or charter), including possibility of commercial use of the aircraft at different points of time

For all above said you need a team of professionals which are ready to lead all the project up to final product - "aircraft turnkey". Highly professional team of AVCOM group will assist you in any question starting from locating of aircraft, education of crews and technical personnel and to optimization of flight network. More than 15 year experience on the market of western business jets allows our personnel to optimize expenses not only at the stage of aircraft acquisition but also when operating the aircraft. Commercial activity (sales of flights on the aircraft) can cover partially or in full financial expenses of the aircraft owner related with keeping of the aircraft. AVCOM's qualified staff is always ready to assist with selling of such services. Right choice when selecting aircraft operator is of utmost importance since it is directly connected with safety of operations.

For any additional information please call us on below multi-channel telephone number in Moscow

+7 (495) 981-777-0.