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About the company.

Our airline has pleasure to offer you a lot of services in the organization and performance of charter flights by business jets.

Since 1988, our airline became the first operator of business jets in Russia, and for today AVCOM holds the first position of corporate and business flights. We have tried to change the approach to business flights. AVCOM started to guide by Europe standards not only in passengers service, but also in maintenance, aviation safety and ground maintenance of flights.

Our clients have opportunity to make flights according to the schedule and route convenient for them, to dispose of plane during all necessary time, to use separate VIP-terminal.

First our clients were large world corporations and the international organizations: "BRITISH PETROLEUM", "PHILLIP MORRIS", the International Red Cross, Embassy of the Great Britain in Russia, and then and many Russians companies began to use business flights.

From the very beginning all activity of our airline is directed on development of the main advantage - a real opportunity to provide performance of flight to any point of the world by any our business aircraft within two-three hours after receipt of the order.

"Only the best " - became the main task in any direction of activity of our airline. AVCOM has one of the best business jets: HAWKER, FALCON, and also the Russians business aircrafts: Tu-134 and Yak-40. Since 2003 we srarted to operate one of the best business jets EMBRAER LEGACY and for this moment AVCOM is the operator of three E.

Besides the business flights we develops passengers ground service. AVCOM is based at airport Domodedovo, the best in Russia, and has the own FBO for service of VIP-passengers, including official state delegations. Our terminal is completely autonomous and equipped with points of the passport and customs control, registration level. There are bar, meeting room, waiting room for convenience of passengers. The separate protected entrance to the terminal guarantees to our clients the maximal convenience, efficiency of service, confidentiality and safety.

We work around the clock, each day, 365 days in one year. We shall be glad to see our clients and partners.