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Shortrange jet aircraft TU134 became one of the most successful projects in passenger aircraft building. TU134 a/c entered history of Russian civil aviation as the most popular aircraft. TU134 is the first native passenger airliner which was certified to English standards of airworthiness.

Gulfstream G150

The G150 is quickly becoming a favorite in the mid-size market. With the longest range at the fastest speed, an advanced avionics suite, and the most comfortable cabin, the G150 provides the most value in its class.


are one more recent version of the world's longest running corporate jet production program.


The Yak-40 was the first jet powered airliner in its class in service in large numbers anywhere in the world, preceding the ERJ-135 and 328JET by three decades. A S Yakovlev (after whom the design bureau is named) led the Yak-40 design team, and the program's existence was revealed on October 21 1966, when the first prototype made its maiden flight. The type went into production in 1967 and entered service with Aeroflot in September 1968. Production continued until 1978, with 1011 built by the Saratov aircraft factory, of which 125 aircraft were exported to 18 countries. Apart from airliner use, a number are in service as corporate or government transports with a VIP interior.